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Therapy Team

Coaches from the fields of allied health, mental health and our medical-related staff are ready to coach you toward meeting your #lifegoals.

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Our team is trained to help you get setup with the best coaches to meet your individual or family's wellness needs.


Allied Health
Kristine Philipioni
Physical Therapist

Jon Cabanos
Physical Therapist

Lea Gray
Occupational Therapist

Saurabh Bhalla
Occupational Therapist

Michael McClain
Respiratory Coach

Derek Austin
Physical Therapist

Mental Health
Cheryl Nelson
Doctor Perla Nahle
Adam Parsons, MS/OTR/L
Sed Etiam
Ultrices Diam, Dietician
Deyan Consectetur
Odio Eget, MFA
Porta Varius
Emmett Mit
Turpis Mattis, MDV


Samuel E. Tran

Donna Summers

Vela Orci

Donald Eugene


Wellness Team

Fitness, yoga, nutrition, and wellness coaches get to know you on a personal level to develop custom routines, wellness plans, and adaptations for #healthyliving.


Daniel Ramos
Personal Trainer

Jessie Catalano
Training and Martial Arts

Angela Argentina
Yoga and Wellness

Rie Franklin
Yoga Therapy

Pam Brausel

Turpis Sapien
Meditation Coach

Vel Orci
Vocal Coach

Donec Eu
Personal Trainer

Ornare Augue
Wellness Coach

Ut Efficitur
Wellness Coach

Velit Vestibulum
Yoga Coach


Senior Leadership

At the intersection of #therapy, #art, and #technology, our leadership ensures best clinical practices, making Therapy on Demand a model gold-standard practice for digital health and wellness.


Adam Parsons
Executive Director & Founder

Derek Austin
Co-founder & Chief Clinical Analyst

Alan Emerson
Compliance Officer

Team Builder, VP Development

Velit Vestibulum
Head of AI

Et Magna
Head of Clinical Research

Porta Varius

Donec Eu
IT Developer

Ornare Augue

Katherine Bohn

Ut Efficitur