We make getting setup easy for high quality video consults!

We make getting setup easy for high quality video consults!


What computer operating systems are supported?

MacOS, Windows and Linux are supported currently by Skype and Hangouts. Linux users should refer to their distribution's documentation on how to use Skype and Hangouts.

A minimum of Windows 7,  MacOS Mountain Lion is strongly recommended. Linux users are welcomed, but due to the nature of Linux we cannot provide refunds for any technical issues related to Linux usage of Skype and Hangouts.

We do not recommend Windows 2000, XP or Vista, or versions of MacOS prior to Lion due to lack of manufacturer and application support for these operating systems. Use of unsupported operating systems for our services is done at the client's own risk.

What mobile devices are supported?

Only Android is supported currently for Google Duo and/or Hangouts.

Is my internet connection fast enough?

We strongly recommend a broadband cable or fiber connection for best connectivity. DSL, mobile broadband and satellite are not recommended due to the quality of the video/audio signal being subpar on these platforms. Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds due to technical issues on the client-side. 

Your broadband connection should support at least 10mbit (megabit) download and 5mbit upload. Contact your internet service provider to confirm your internet connection meets our standards. 

Sites like Speedtest.net do not provide reliable, real-world internet speeds, due to it only measuring ideal network conditions. If your call quality to our therapists is consistently poor, we recommend you speak with your internet service provider about an upgrade to a higher package.

How can I best protect my privacy and internet security?

We do not recommend use of our services in public spaces or over public wireless internet. Do not send private or personally identifiable information over email - our staff will not ask for your credit card, personal information, passwords or other info over email. 

We recommend not using shared, company or internet cafe computers to communicate with our staff, it is strongly advised to only use your own personal, trusted computer or phone to do so. 

Ensure your computer is running with the latest updates from the manufacturer and that you have an active anti-malware installed, we recommend MalwareBytes as a reliable anti-malware solution.

If you're storing sensitive data locally, we either recommend Bitlocker (from Microsoft) or VeraCrypt as a home encryption solution. Refer to the vendors of these products for further information.

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