A Virtual Wellness Approach

Humble Beginnings   
It all started when Adam Parsons, an Occupational Therapist working in home health started to wonder... How could therapy be delivered more effectively, efficiently, and with less expense involved? 

He teamed up with a small group of dedicated therapists to build Therapy on Demand - a platform to deliver online consultations that support health and wellness through an integrated approach. By combining cognitive-behavioral, emotional, and physical rehabilitation aspects - Therapy on Demand delivers evidence-based practice in the "digital therapy" setting.

Book now for interactive, engaging face-to-face videochats with consultant Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Wellness Experts providing virtual coaching. Enjoy sessions via: Microsoft Skype, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, or Google Duo - and more platforms coming soon, including virtual reality!

Therapy on Demand strives to provide a safe and comfortable service for clients around the world to digitally connect with a unique and growing team of holistic-inspired health consultants. As a public service, Therapy on Demand aims to provide health and wellness articles, reviews, educational and informational content.

Our Digitally-Enhanced Approach to Wellness
If we look back at the history of therapy and wellness, we can clearly see that it has become more and more integrated with technology over the years. Therapy first moved away from a hands-on approach with telehealth practice, in which visits were provided over the phone. More recently, it has evolved into a digital or virtual practice, utilizing the features of smartphones, apps, and health devices. 

Psychology is another field commonly practiced remotely, "psychologists commonly refer to any therapy delivered by telecommunication tools or devices as telepsychology. You may hear it called Web therapy, phone therapy, text therapy or online therapy. Anytime youre interacting with a psychologist using a website, a phone or a mobile app, you could be taking part in telepsychology services [1]. 

Some people might be skeptical about virtual care, especially due to a long held belief that therapy, in order to be effective, needs to be done in-person. However, many studies have shown, particularly in the last couple of years, there has been evidence that therapy done “on demand” can be as effective as normal, face to face, appointments. Other researchers have displayed better results in clients that decided to take the route of “virtual wellness” and go online for their therapy-related needs.

How can this be true? Well, even if the presence of a clinician might be helpful, it can be a very uncomfortable situation for many clients. If the client freezes-up, the lines of communications are broken- and there is nothing can be done to open back up communication with the provider. In our approach, the client is in their own, comfortable environment. This gives them the mental freedom required to open up their mind and share their emotions. The fact that they can request a videochat whenever it's needed is a great gift, that gives them the courage to share more and more of what they think.

Does online coaching truly offer the best approach? As for many things in life, the answer is a “both / and” solution. In fact, evidence shows us that the best way to approach therapy seems to be the one that integrates a personal and online presence. This gives the patient the advantages of both systems, and will help him or her to choose the way they want and need to take sessions in order to see results. One of the most important obstacles was the absence of realism. However, a study showed that “to overcome this limitation we propose the use of biofeedback enhanced virtual reality (VR) to facilitate the relaxation process.[1]
This allowed patients to have a better experience and get a more integrated approach. Furthermore “the clinical data underlined that (a) VR can be used also in the treatment of [Generalized Anxiety Disorder] GAD; (b) in a VR treatment, patients take advantage of a mobile device that delivers in an outpatient setting guided experiences, similar to the one experienced in VR[2]

Online therapy is heading towards a more and more integrated approach and it is going to be more and more useful down the road. Especially with the fact that there are a lot of people that suffer from social anxiety, the possibility to receive some help (without having to gas up the car, drive to therapy, and wait in a waiting room) is a great way to take the first steps towards the solution of the problem. When the progress will be seen, it is very easy to make clearer choices on the next steps one's path.

What Does a Therapy on Demand Session Look Like? 
Your coach will contact you via your preferred videochat platform. In the client's own environment it will be easier for him or for her to open up and express their concerns, and release emotions. The session can be scheduled when the client is most comfortable and, since it happens all virtually, the participant is unencumbered by restrictions.

In the client's own time, they can book with a wide range of professionals, 24/7. The payment can be done with credit card or via Paypal. Convenient subscriptions are also available. Drop-in visits give the client the ability to pay from time to time, avoiding massive bills, a hallmark of traditionally therapy office visits.

Furthermore, clients can visit our online aStore shop to get important tools for their therapy, purchasing items recommended by their coaching team.   

So, to sum it up our online solution allows the patient great flexibility in scheduling, convenience, and cost savings. Therapy on Demand loves helping clients save money, "online therapy can take less time away from the office or your workday or worry about traffic. No need to travel miles to meet up with your psychologist. Dial a number or log in to a site, and the session can happen wherever you are comfortable.[3]"  

Set an appointment whenever it's most comfortable you, and get all the tools necessary for your holistic wellness.

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