Press Release - Therapy on Demand Launches Virtual Therapy Coaching Services

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Media contact: Adam Parsons

June 12, 2017  Therapy on Demand welcomes the media and public to experience an innovative new online therapist’s office, where clients may book a drop-in session or affordable subscription to consult with accredited Therapy Coaches: allied health professionals including Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapists; and Wellness Coaches from the fields of psychology, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and personal training. Coaches specialize in cognitive and behavioral therapy, crisis management, personal support for recovery, as well as general health and wellness coaching via an online platform.

Unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) App and Virtual Reality (VR) Integrations

A team of specialists available through the site is led by Adam Parsons, an Occupational Therapist registered and licensed in Virginia. In looking for an affordable, effective way to deliver therapy, he created Therapy on Demand with a group of other like-minded professionals in the field. Virtual therapy is delivered via an evidence-based approach that combines cognitive-behavioral, physical, and emotional therapy with rehabilitation techniques such as motivational interviewing.

In addition, Therapy on Demand will soon be offering an innovative new AI and biofeedback-driven mobile app. This cross-platform app will feature a chatbot that serves as a personal wellness companion. Virtual reality integrations, wellness challenges, and artificial intelligence mimic a personal coach and trainer to help individuals manage preexisting conditions, progress in their rehabilitation, and optimize their current mental and physical health. The option of having sessions in virtual-reality gives clients the ultimate in environmental customization and comfort. Clients are given a unique opportunity for self-expression based on principals proven effective from research in the fields of art and music therapy.

Meeting on a Flexible Platform

Currently, visitors may instantly book interactive face-to-face videochats with therapists and health coaches. With simple, secure and instant booking, clients can meet virtually with therapists via desktop, tablet, or smartphone . In addition, a mobile app is in development that will include exciting features such as integration with "wearables" such as the Fitbit and Apple Watch. Imagine being able to access your personal trainer at the gym for custom coaching to keep you motivated, organized, and on track with your goals. The app will include wellness games and provide biofeedback based on integrations with third-party health tracking devices.

Staying on Top of a Popular Trend

Therapy on Demand has made it their mission to team up with other like-minded professionals to serve a public health need for an essential integrated-wellness platform that is more accessible and affordable. With a popular trend in North America, Australia, the UK and Europe, where people are typing “online therapy” and “free therapy online” into search engines as common query, Therapy on Demand’s goal is to teach people to manage their own health, before it reaches a crisis. This impetus is more important than ever, considering the dissolution of social safety nets such as free health care in many countries, in which preventative medicine is now the only affordable cure. Online therapy also suits those who are uncomfortable with in-person therapy, don’t have access to transportation, but still would like the support of a personal coach.

Therapy via the web remains steadily popular, but no provider has combined mind, body, and social factors into an online healthcare strategy. That is until now. Therapy on Demand provides access to expert help, articles and video content including health technology reviews and self-help information. Programs are especially well-suited for those not comfortable with in-person therapy, don’t have access to transportation, or who have a therapist, but would like the added support of a personal coach.

Interest in "online therapy" has remained steady over time. (Google Trends, US searches for "online therapy" 2016-2017)

Interest in "online therapy" has remained steady over time. (Google Trends, US searches for "online therapy" 2016-2017)


About Therapy on Demand

Therapy on Demand is an online consulting platform that allows people to access quality therapy coaches by video using a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. It also features a curated online store, educational resources including video reviews of the latest in health technology (coming soon). In addition, visitors love taking advantage of a low monthly subscription rates, multiple payment options, and HIPAA compliant services; all at rates that are lower than many insurance copayments.

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