Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

Therapy on Demand consultants work with you on proven ways to improve your personal health and wellness. Our team understands that online therapy differs from traditional therapy in many important ways. We refer out when manual or hands-on therapy would be more appropriate and is available, as well as provide case supervision and guidance for before and after your care.

You might be wondering, "what will it be like video-chatting with a consultant"?
Our friendly team member will take time to get to know you personally, help identify both your strengths and weakness, and plan appropriate goals. With your coaches' guidance, you may choose to visit one or more members of our team.

Videochat session topics are custom to each client, but some examples include:
-strategies for dealing with health conditions and diseases;
-prevention and maintenance of optimal health;
-establishment of healthy routines and habits;
-advise for housing and environmental modifications;
-stress management, coping, and relaxation planning;
-social skills development, leisure planning, and motivational interviewing;
-health resources and technology.

Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise

Healthcare Costs Continue to Rise

Is it Affordable?

Therapy on Demand offers an affordable wellness solution. With less overhead, we pass the savings on to you and your family:

-our services cost less than most outpatient services, even with insurance.

-prevent health problems from worsening through prevention, and wit timely advise from our trusted professionals.

-for the most savings, subscribe and save to receive up to 4 sessions per month that can be shared with other members of your household.


We look forward to serving you, your family and friends,

Adam Parsons, OTR/L
Occupational Therapist Founder @ Therapy.Coach
Lead Therapist @ Therapy on Demand

Adam Parsons